Well Naturally

Real Chocolate

Real chocolate comes sweetened naturally with stevia instead of sugar. 

More and more people want healthy products that still taste superb. Back in Melbourne in 2003, Well Naturally saw this desire as a gap in the market and began to reinvent snacking. 

Today, Well Naturally is without a doubt the market leader in high-quality, delicious-yet-healthy snacks. All our products have reduced sugar levels, which you can enjoy without feeling guilty.

Additionally, our No Sugar Chocolate range incorporates the sweetness of stevia, an all-natural and plant-based sweetener in place of sugar. This means that we promise 100% real chocolate without any added sugar, without compromising on taste. Even better, our sought-after chocolate – in dark and milk – can be found in a variety of flavours for everyone to enjoy. 

According to the World Health Organization, your daily intake of sugar should not exceed six teaspoons. However, the daily sugar intake of the average Australian is a stunning 60 grams – which is the equivalent to eating 14 teaspoons of white sugar. This only makes us more motivated to keep creating yummy minimum-sugar chocolate, helping the Aussie public to keep sugar levels low while still being able to enjoy a sweet treat.